A New Adventure: England and Ireland

What better way to kick this journal off than with a trip to England and Ireland? I visited both countries earlier this summer with one of my closest friends. My friend was finishing her graduate work in Ireland and we decided it would be the perfect opportunity to travel together. Though we had both visited England before, we decided to spend a few days in London. We both love the city I have family friends who live in the city and knew we would be welcome to stay with them. Before I knew it, the tickets were purchased and we were ready to go!

Of course, things don’t always go as planned. A few weeks before leaving, my friends sold their house and had to move to a small apartment while they waited for their new place to be ready. This meant no spare bedroom for us to stay in and so we had to find new accommodations for our visit. For this we turned to Airbnb. I had done homestays in the past but this was my first experience arranging one myself through the site. Of course, Airbnb offers a lot of different accommodation options but our focus was more on price. We ended up with a place in Hammersmith and were very happy with our choice despite having to compromise on a few things.

Our first day was spent walking around and getting to know the area. The weather was unusually hot, so we didn’t wander too far and occasionally took refuge in a store. Despite the heat, the walk definitely help keep our jet lag at bay. We met my friends for dinner and they showed us where we could catch a ferry for our trip to Greenwich the following day.  


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